Friday, October 8, 2010

Ke$ha - Take It Off (Music Video) [New Version]

Ke$ha must be really bored the she created another music video for her single "Take It Off". It's better than the first one but for me it's a waste of money. Why would you spend money on a single that already peaked month ago? She should just release a new single and use the "Take It Off" video money for the new single.

Here is a message from Ke$ha:
"heyy to all my fans! n my friends were bored and we were really channeling some 80s hard (tron, david bowie in labyrinth, revenge of the nerds) and we made this new video for take it off. it was really fun to make. i hope you guys like it!!!!!"

What did you all think of the video? Post your comments below. :)

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