Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pink - Raise Your Glass (Music Video)

Lovin' this new music video by P!nk! My favorite part was the MILK SCENE! XD-Angelo


Pink's video for her first Greatest Hits single, Raise Your Glass is the most controversial, provocative and thought-provoking video in years.

Since the beginning of the decade, Pink was singing empowering songs for the people who feel underestimated and feel like they have the potential to achieve more in their lives. Many other artists have tried to imitate her style, but nobody was able to do it as naturally as Pink. After over 10 years in the industry, Pink doesn't forget her roots and sings a celebratory anthem for the people who have made her one of the biggest pop superstars in the world.

The video for Raise Your Glass manages to follow all rules set for the videos to be mainstream, but pushes the boundaries and gives the possibilities of different interpretations of all the scenes...and this is very rare in today's pop culture. Majority of the music videos released by other pop acts should be taken at face value, as they have no deeper, debatable meaning. But Pink's new video is full of the scenes which will cause discussions about proper interpretations among fans and general public alike.

The video is already making waves online. The scenes of humans breast-feeding the calves, reverting the bull-fighting tradition, the Sumo wrestling, gay kissing scene and others have become the subject of different interpretations and controversy.

Pink has always been known for exquisitely and self-deprecatingly combining brainless fun and thoughtfulness. This is why she is often dubbed as the most exciting entertainer of the past decade.

Rating 5 out of 5 stars.

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